The Bap­tist Mobile Health Min­istry Unit will be in Alamo, Geor­gia, March 7–11, 2017 At First Bap­tist Alamo

The ser­vices pro­vid­ed are den­tal extraction(s), filling(s), and clean­ings.

If you are 18 years or old­er and have no den­tal insur­ance you must call 912–425-5870 on Thurs­day, March 2nd begin­ning at 9:00 am for your screen­ing appoint­ment.

Appoint­ments are lim­it­ed and you must have one in order to be seen.

You must to have a screen­ing before you can be seen by a den­tist or hygien­ist.

Mobile Den­tal Clin­ic