The DBA pro­vides a vari­ety of equip­ment that can be bor­rowed for no charge by the church­es of the DBA and part­ners.

One amaz­ing pull behind trail­er that can assist your orga­ni­za­tion in com­mu­ni­ty out­reach and events.

The Evan­ge­lism Trail­er
1 –15’X15’ Bouncin Bin
1 –13’W x 23’L x 18’H Dry Slide
1 — 3 in 1 Sports Blow Up           3 –Blowers
1 –Large Gen­er­a­tor
2 –Dolly
1 –Snow Cone Machine
(hose & cone hold­er inside)      1 –Popcorn Machine (bags not includ­ed)
3 –Chairs
1 –Folding Tables
1 –2 5/16” Hitch insert
5 – Exten­sion Cords
1 –Ball
12 –Sand Bags
3 –Tarps  (1 for slid­er, 1 for bounc­er, 1 for sports)
Patch Kits
Small Sledge Ham­mer
Spare Tire
Oth­er equip­ment avail­able includes                                Blow-Up Movie Screen Portable Sound Sys­tem Pop­corn Machine              Cot­ton Can­dy Machine Pro­jec­tor                                                                                            We also have a great deal of Sun­day School cur­ricu­lum for chil­dren avail­able for your church to have if need­ed.

To reserve any equip­ment, please con­tact the DBA office at (912) 583‑2713 or