I’m encour­aged by our recent mis­sion team and evan­ge­lism team meet­ings. God has opened sev­er­al door­ways for mis­sions to you.

Local­ly many church­es are reach­ing into the com­mu­ni­ty with the gospel and love of God. Out­reach efforts sur­round­ing Res­ur­rec­tion Sun­day were fruit­ful this year accord­ing to the reports. The report of sal­va­tions, bap­tisms and church growth has been very encouraging.

You are sup­port­ing Mer­cy Clin­ic, The Dream Cen­ter, Hope Preg­nan­cy Cen­ter (Rachel’s House) and the Sweet Onion Chris­t­ian Learn­ing Cen­ter through the Acts 1:8 Calvin Dur­rence Mis­sion offer­ing. Also local­ly, you are engaged in church plant­i­ng in our His­pan­ic Com­mu­ni­ty as well as evan­ge­lism and dis­ci­ple­ship at Wheel­er Coun­ty Prison, and your stu­dents can par­tic­i­pate in local mis­sions and grow deep­er in their walk with Christ through your DBA Surge Camp this sum­mer. I encour­age you to lead our con­gre­ga­tions to par­tic­i­pate in local mis­sions by tak­ing up an Acts 1:8 Calvin Dur­rence Mis­sion offer­ing in the month of May.

With­in Geor­gia you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to lead your peo­ple to serve at the Bap­tist Cen­ter in Savan­nah or with NAMB in Clark­ston. Decide to go and reach out and your Asso­ci­a­tion Mis­sion Strat­e­gy Team who would be thrilled to help you go expe­ri­ence the life of Christ on mission.

Around the Unit­ed States you have oppor­tu­ni­ties to serve in New Orleans, Chero­kee North Car­oli­na and Pitts­burg. This sum­mer a trip to Chero­kee is already set up. All you need to do is plug-in. A women’s mis­sion trip to New Orleans is set for Novem­ber. You should call your women to be on mis­sion and encour­age your church to sup­port your mis­sion­ar­ies finan­cial­ly and with prayer. Call­ing your peo­ple to be on mis­sion is call­ing your peo­ple to be like Jesus and fol­low the com­mand of Christ. Your Asso­ci­a­tion Mis­sion Strat­e­gy Team will be thrilled to help you go expe­ri­ence the life of Christ on mission.

Inter­na­tion­al­ly you have open doors in Mex­i­co, India and Africa. In your DBA com­mu­ni­ty you have access to god­ly expe­ri­enced mis­sion­ar­ies who are ready to help lead you and those you are called to dis­ci­ple on the inter­na­tion­al mis­sion field in obe­di­ence to Christ’s com­mand found in Acts 1:8.

Mis­sion Minded