Dear Pas­tors and Church leaders,

On Sun­day evening Octo­ber 14th at 6:00, First Bap­tist Lyons is host­ing the Daniell Bap­tist Asso­ci­a­tion Annu­al Cel­e­bra­tion service.  As you would know, this is the ONLY time each year that the entire DBA comes togeth­er as a uni­fied body of church­es to cel­e­brate what God has done, fel­low­ship togeth­er, wor­ship, feast on the word of God, and be chal­lenged with a king­dom vision for the com­ing year.

This year we are ask­ing all our church­es to par­tic­i­pate by bring­ing choir mem­bers and wor­ship lead­ers to join as one mass group lead­ing us to exalt the won­der of our Lord and His glo­ri­ous gospel message.  We are also in hopes that every Pas­tor will join with us and bring your mem­bers to hear Dr Bai­ley Smith’s son Scott preach the word of God.  I have heard Scott preach and he has the heart of an evan­ge­list, com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills sec­ond to none, and is cut­ting edge and cur­rent on what it takes to revi­tal­ize a church and expand the king­dom of God.

I believe your par­tic­i­pa­tion in this ser­vice will revive your heart, inspire and encour­age your peo­ple, and help you with ideas to improve the impact of your church in the expan­sion God’s Kingdom.

Bring as many as can and will come.  I can’t wait to fill the house and expe­ri­ence God as He works among us.

For the glo­ry of our Lord,

Bro. Dan­nie Williams

Pas­tor FBC Lyons


I know you will join me in express­ing grat­i­tude to FBC Lyons for host­ing all of us as we gath­er to wor­ship togeth­er. This is a tremen­dous bless­ing to us all because we increase our vision and strength as we gath­er with our sis­ter church­es and urge one anoth­er on to love and good deeds; as we part­ner togeth­er in the work of the king­dom; and cel­e­brate the vic­to­ries of the gospel.

I think the influ­ence of the Spir­it of Christ increas­es through uni­ty between church­es in an area, and Satan has greater influ­ence in an envi­ron­ment of sep­a­ra­tion and insu­la­tion. I am con­fi­dent that your con­gre­ga­tion will grow and be more effec­tive at dis­ci­pling peo­ple, if your part­ner­ing DBA church­es are healthy, doing evan­ge­lism and dis­ci­pling their peo­ple. The Spir­it of Christ can hold sway over our com­mu­ni­ty. We don’t have to be with­drawn and insu­lat­ed. As church­es join togeth­er, pray­ing for and with one anoth­er, part­ner­ing togeth­er in gospel ven­tures and cel­e­brat­ing gospel wins, the high­ways of the king­dom grow wider, extend far­ther and reach into more places in our com­mu­ni­ties to deliv­er the mes­sage and pow­er of the gospel. We can be on the offen­sive, grow­ing, instead of on the defen­sive, try­ing only to keep the mem­bers we have. We pray that every per­son, from Ohoopee to Alamo, from Red Bluff to Uval­da, will be con­front­ed by the com­pelling Spir­it of Christ through the tes­ti­mo­ny of joy and uni­ty of the peo­ple of God flow­ing from church to church.

Come be togeth­er at First Lyons on Octo­ber 14th. Lead your peo­ple into prayer and fel­low­ship with your part­ner church­es, and encour­age them to par­tic­i­pate in the asso­ci­a­tion wide wor­ship choir. We have the sheet music and the music tracks ready so that your peo­ple can prac­tice the songs. I think they will be ener­gized and excit­ed about it, and even more if you are. Let’s make 2018–2019 a time of increas­ing uni­ty and influ­ence of the church­es in our DBA area and pray for the Spir­it of Christ to cov­er our com­mu­ni­ty like the waters cov­er the sea.

Bro. Bil­ly


Bro. Dan­nie Williams & Bro. Billy