Christ­mas is a hard time for those sol­diers who are away from their homes, fam­i­ly, and friends. One of the most appre­ci­at­ed gifts a sol­dier receives is cards and let­ters from the men, women, & chil­dren that they are fight­ing to pro­tect. Join your sis­ter church­es in remem­ber­ing our men and women over­seas this Christ­mas season.

How to Participate:

****Please help pro­tect our troops by send­ing cards with NO GLITTER****

Please let the DBA know how many cards you and/or your church would like to pledge.

Write and encour­ag­ing note and Bible verse in a Christ­mas card. You can send one or one million!

Indi­vid­ual cards should be addressed to “any Ser­vice Mem­ber” and can be signed each by their sender. Hand-made cards do not need an enve­lope. Oth­er­wise, cards should have an enve­lope that they are sealed in. Please iden­ti­fy if a card is specif­i­cal­ly for a male or female.

Drop off at the DBA Office no lat­er than 2:30 p.m. on Novem­ber 18th, 2019