The Bahamas was dev­as­tat­ed in 2019 by Hur­ri­cane Dori­an and a mem­ber at Taber­na­cle Bap­tist Church has fam­i­ly in Green Tur­tle Cay. This con­nec­tion has opened the door for the church­es of the DBA to share the love of Christ through Dis­as­ter Relief and Evan­ge­lism. These will be phys­i­cal labo­ri­ous trips doing debris clean up and con­struc­tion and repairs of homes. There will be many oppor­tu­ni­ties to trav­el on mis­sion to Green Tur­tle Cay in 2020.
The cur­rent sched­uled trips are:

Decem­ber 11–16, 2019
Jan­u­ary 20–23, 2020
Jan­u­ary 23–27, 2020
More dates are to be announced.

If you and/or your church would like to go on mis­sion, please con­tact the DBA office.